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1. During the period of their study, the students should safeguard themselves and private possessions. All electric appliances should be used safely. They should be switched off each time when not in use to prevent accidents.

第一条 在校学习期间应注意自身和财物安全。离开宿舍要落锁,关闭电灯、电器和水阀。

2. You are not allowed to lend your room key to others, and you must not change the lock, make a key or add another lock privately.You should inform the dorm staffs if the lock is broken, and they will tell the school logistics department to replace it. Please return your keys to school when you finish your study in Henan Polytechnic University.

第二条 宿舍的钥匙不得随意转借他人,严禁私自换锁、配钥匙或另加门锁。门锁损坏时应告知宿舍管理员,由宿舍管理员通知学校后勤部前来更换。学期结束退房时,请同学们立即将钥匙返还。

3. All of the equipment in the room belongs to Henan Polytechnic University, provided only to international students. Please take care of the furniture and equipment. International students should save using the water and electricity.  Any gas stove or electric appliance which is liable to cause fires are not permitted within dormitory. Without permission, the students cannot exchange the furniture with other rooms, destroying the indoor and bed equipment is forbidden, changing their use and construction is forbidden. Anyone who causes damage to public property because of incorrect usage is liable for compensation.

第三条 房间内一切设备、设施系学校财产,仅供国际学生本人使用。请爱护室内的各种家具、设备,节约用电、用水。不准用电炉、电器在宿舍内取暖、做饭。不得随意与其他房间调换家具;不得毁坏室内设施和床上用品。如有损坏或丢失,照价赔偿。

4. It’s strictly prohibited to decorate the room, you also are not allowed to damage or change the structure or function of the building.

第四条 宿舍内严禁私自装修,严禁破坏、改变房屋结构和功能。

5. It is the student's responsibility to keep his/her room and its surroundings clean. It is forbidden to nail in the wall. Raising poultry or keeping pets is not allowed. Smoking in the bed is forbidden. Fighting, alcoholic and other forms of abuse are not permitted; anybody who breaks these rules will be punished, which ranges from a demerit recorded in file to expulsion from the university, according to the seriousness of wrong doings.

第五条 保持宿舍清洁,不得在壁上乱涂乱画,不得随意钉钉子;不得饲养家禽、家畜;不准在床上吸烟;禁止酗酒、斗殴和其他不良行为,违者视情节给予警告、开除学籍等处分。

6. Quietness should be maintained in the dormitory. AFTER 10PM, students are not allowed to hold parties with dancing and loud music or to create undue noise in and around the dormitory or to hold any activities that disturb others’ study and rest.

第六条 请保持宿室内安静。不得在宿舍内从事影响他人学习和休息的活动,跳舞、大声喧哗、放高声音乐及任何形式的节日庆祝活动和生日晚会都不得在晚上十点后举行。

7. Students are responsible for maintaining and keeping the room and common areas clean. Students should clean their rooms’ every day. The administrator of the dormitory shall insure that the other students of that apartment keep the floor, doors and windows clean, and that the desks, wardrobes and chairs are not damaged. It is strictly forbidden to pour water or throw rubbish from the windows.

第七条 各寝室要坚持每天两小扫,每周一大扫的卫生值日制度。卫生值日由该寝室室长安排,全体人员共同负责,执行轮流值日制度,做到地面无痰迹、无烟头、纸屑等污物,门窗洁净,桌椅整齐无灰尘,自觉维护走廊、楼梯、厕所的公共卫生。严禁向窗外倒水,丢杂物。

8. Students are not allowed to shout, or engage in sports with balls or drink alcoholic beverages in or around the dormitory. In compliance with the study schedule, students must not engage in any kind of entertainment during studying and resting time.

第八条 不得在宿舍内从事影响他人学习和休息的活动,如跳舞、运动、酗酒、大声喧哗、放高声音乐等。

9. It’s forbidden to copy, disseminate, watch pornography or obscene publications.

第九条 严禁复制、传播、观看色情、淫秽出版物。

10. The students must be back in their dormitories before 23: 00, after the 23: 00, visitors are forbidden to enter the international students' rooms.

第十条 因事外出,须于当天2300提前返回学校。2300后,严禁来访人员停留在外国国际学生房间内。

11. Without registering in the guard room in front of the international students’ building, visitors are not allowed to come in international students’ building. Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight. If visitors want to stay overnight, they must get the permission of International Education College and make registration.

第十一条 严禁外人未经登记入宿舍内,不准私自在住处留宿来访人员,如需留宿必须征得国际教育学院批准,并办理登记手续。

12. Cohabitation is forbidden during the period of study.

第十二条 在校学习期间,严禁非法同居。

13. Don’t transfer, lease and lend the beds.

第十三条 禁止转让、出租、出借床位。

14. In principle, you are not allowed to change the room, if there are any particular conditions, please apply to the office; the management will deal with it according to specific situation. Otherwise, you will be punished as violating the discipline.

第十四条 住宿的同学原则上不允许调换房间,如有特殊情况需要调换房间,请向办公室提出申请,由管理人员视具体情况决定是否给予办理,否则,将视为违纪予以处罚。

15. International students are arranged to live on campus. They are not allowed to live off campus.

第十五条 国际学生应按学校统一安排在校内住宿,禁止在校外住宿。

16. Students are required to follow the instructions and recommendations of the Dormitory Administrator. Teamwork, assistance and cooperation should be given to the dormitory staff when they are inspecting, providing maintenance or other necessary work in the students’ rooms. Quarrelling, offending and maltreatment to the Dormitory Administrator are not allowed.

第十六条 服从管理人员管理,严格遵守各项宿舍管理的规章制度,主动地、积极地配合管理人员工作,不得顶撞辱骂捉弄管理人员。

17. Each student must comply with the above provisions, if there are any violation, the school will give punishment to you according to the situation.

第十七条 国际学生必须认真遵守以上各项规定,如有违反,学校将视情节轻重给予处罚。


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